Friday, July 25, 2014


After another 6+ months, I have FINALLY filmed and posted a new YouTube video. Here's my apology (again) and explanation. I really loved making videos until it started feeling like a job and the pressure to constantly come up with good content made the whole thing less enjoyable for me. So I'm not going to make any promises when it comes to consistency. I'll post when I post.

I'm not sure what exactly I plan on doing with my channel besides vlogging. I like documenting my life whether it be through writing, blogging, pictures (like instagram), etc. I want to be able to look at old videos too.

Also -- I'm easily embarrassed. Watching some of my old videos was painful so I took most of them down for that reason. (+ I wanted a fresh start, + a lot of it wasn't very good content. ) I'm not sure if I'm embarrassed because I've grown and I don't feel like that same person anymore or simply because I feel like my whole existence is an apology/joke. (lol kidding...)? Whatever it is, I want to get over it sooo this is what I'm doing. 

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