Saturday, July 12, 2014

OOTD: Post July 4th Crybaby (7.8.14)


So serious. Lol. I sit on chairs weird.

The other day I went shopping and caught up with Kevin (@killahouston) over iced coffees (so typical). Oregon's been hitting the 90's lately. To combat the heat, I wore these blue denim high waisted mom shorts and paired it with a cropped muscle tee that simply skims over the upper region of your body. The graphic muscle tee features young Johnny Depp with a tear streaming down his cheek from the 1990's musical rom com "Crybaby." Alone, this outfit seemed too plain so I added a bold lip and a braided plaid bow which played into the color scheme of the whole fit. The bow unfortunately kept slipping off my head throughout the day so I eventually took it off. And I found out heat = sweat = bold lips w/o lipliner = bleeding lipstick. Bleeding lips = too high maintenance.  (Lipliner is so important!!!) I was going to see my boyfriend later on in the day anyway so I decided I might as well just take it off.

Although this looks very festival or July 4th appropriate, I didn't wear this over July 4th weekend. (I wasn't very festive at all actually.) I spent the weekend with my love. Celebrated the fourth with his family. (Independence day also marked our 6 months!)

Thanks bb!

TOP: Cropped Johny Depp "Crybaby" Graphic Muscle Tee
BOTTOM: Denim Not-Your-Mom's Mom Shorts (Bullhead)
ACCESSORIES: Plaid Plaited Bow (Forever 21), Sterling Silver Rings (Something Silver, Boma, Saturday Market)
LIPS: Fixed On Drama and Ruby Woo (M.A.C)
SHOES: Tan Gladiator Sandals (Forever 21)
BAG: Aged Tan Messenger Bag (Cole Haan)

P.S. I need under eye concealer recommendations. My bags are getting really hard to cover up. :( Maybelline just ain't cuttin it anymore.

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  1. I love your outfit! you look so great, simple and chic! I actually like everything in your outfit <3
    anyway here's a very nice photos :) I really love it <3