Saturday, June 29, 2013

Senior Year - Outfit Recap.

OCTOBER 25, 2012. - Maybe cause I'm a dreamer and sleep is the cousin of death.
OCTOBER 14, 2012. - They're all ghosts with just voices.
OCTOBER 11, 2012. - I've learned to live half alive.
SEPTEMBER 7, 2012. - Free your own mind.
NOVEMBER 29, 2012. - Once the storm is over, you won't know how you made it through.

While going through the process of creating my blog, I was certain that the first post I publish must be dedicated to the year that started it all for me. I never once thought that I, Samantha San Antonio would want to pursue a career in this type of industry or even develop a deep thirst for fashion at that. I had begun acquiring a taste for the fashion world towards the end of my third year in high school. Of course, it was nothing too out there. I dipped my feet into the water by playing around with high waisted shorts, crop tops, and whatever else was trending at the time. (High-low skirts and dresses, I believe.) Whenever I felt as if my outfit was decent enough to share I'd bring on the mirror selfie, #ootd, and post it on instagram.

None of this became serious until a good friend of mine shot my senior portraits on the streets of downtown Portland. I remember my outfit clearly: black bustier, light washed high waisted shorts, a grey poncho cardigan, a black slouchy beanie, and my knock off JC suede Litas. I didn't realize that I'd actually enjoy the atmosphere being in front of a camera could bring you. Before the school year started, I decided to post one of my senior portraits onto a website called lookbook, where people and models around the world showcased their style. I began posting to pictures of my outfits throughout the year more frequently, loving both being in front of a camera as well as styling the outfit I was wearing. The more I posted, the more I thought that I wanted to become a model. Regardless of having all odds against me (I'm an inexperienced Asian standing at 5'7" with imperfect measurements and pretty much no bone structure at all), I continued to strive toward getting to where I want to be. By the beginning of the new year, my first photoshoot/collaboration with Urban Lace Jewelry, a local Portland company, was published in a local magazine. But because I was so focused on booking jobs and gaining experience, I slowly stopped using lookbook and the year had continued on.

Senior year was rough. By having to deal with loss, school itself, personal struggles, and the pressure of the future I lost my motivation toward modeling and realized that it wasn't the best option for me. Instead, I simply desired to be a part of the fashion industry. 

As for my style, I've embraced the fact that change is constant so I try to be open to all trends. Before all this, I had thought my sense of style was diverse but I realized that I  have a tendency to  I had a toughen up anything too feminine. As you can see, I'm obviously a sucker for beanies, thigh high socks, and anything distressed during the colder months but I'm all for the free spirited patterns and romantic boho style during the warmer seasons.

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